I am glad you found my website. My hope is that you will find the information provided helpful in understanding my comprehensive counseling practice. I am mindful that you have choices when it comes to choosing a counselor. This website has been developed to give you a clear sense of my training, approach to therapy, clinical specialties, and community outreach services. Feel free to contact me should you have additional questions or a phone conversation would help to assess the fit between your needs and my services.


Relationship-Centered Comprehensive Counseling Practice

Based on my personal beliefs, clinical training, and professional experience, there is nothing more paramount to an individual’s psychological well-being than relationships. We live in a time where our everyday lives are more and more reliant on relationships. In areas where relationships are sound and positive, individuals can be healthy and happy. However, we often struggle with negative relationships that cause strain, deplete resources, and can be damaging to our sense of self. The diagram below illustrates the three types of relationships that contribute to our overall psychological well-being:


Our struggles and psychological pain are often rooted in one or more of the areas listed above. The counseling and psychological services provided at my practice were designed to assess, evaluate, understand, and collaboratively make and maintain change to each category of relationships. Additionally, enhancements that can positively impact all three types of relationships support optimal psychological well-being.   

Your Relationship With Yourself: Optimizing Strengths

The foundation for true and meaningful change starts with you. However, honestly and accurately knowing who we are is somewhat rare in an age of multiple roles, varying demands, increased expectations, and high speed technology. In order to build the best relationship with yourself you can have, you must know yourself. Beyond your roles, how you spend your time, and your accomplishments, who are you? It is essential to define your identity, your individual strengths, and what supports healthy self-esteem and holistic wellness.

We provide the clinical services specifically tailored for these issues:

Identity-Centered Counseling (Exploration and Awareness)

Identity Centered Counseling (Implementation and Integration)

Self-Esteem and Wellness Counseling

Your Relationship With Yourself: Conquering Barriers

Problems in relationships frequently lead to problems in how we treat ourselves. Individuals can become vulnerable to engaging in problematic thoughts, feelings, behaviors and coping mechanisms. As a result of troubled relationships, ended relationships or non-existent relationships, individuals often suffer from depression, anxiety, abuse of alcohol and drugs or general self-sabotage.

We provide the clinical services specifically tailored for these issues:

Depression Counseling

Anxiety Counseling

Alcohol and Drug Counseling



Building Thriving Relationships With Others

Healthy marriages, couples, and relationships, bring an immense amount of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment to life. Often our best memories and greatest moments come from and/or are enhanced by our spouses, partners, or significant others. Unfortunately, marriages don’t come with a manual. Instructions are not found inside relationships explaining how to build them to work well and last a lifetime. As a result, couples are often plagued by intensive conflict, toxic communication, neglect, loneliness, physical and emotional affairs, and painful divorces and break-ups.

We provide the clinical services specifically tailored for these issues:

Couples Counseling

Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

Relationship Counseling  


Navigating Relationships Within Systems

We are all members of systems. Family systems (immediate and extended), work systems, school systems, religious/spiritual systems, friendship systems, social media/technology systems, just to name a few. Systems provide context, guidelines, and expectations that influence relationships and what is defined as a “good” relationship. However systems range from being healthy and functional and being toxic and negative. Graduate and undergraduate students, individuals who are HIV+ or have AIDS and individuals suffering from grief/loss face unique obstacles impacting their past, present, and future. Integrating personal needs and relational needs within varying systems and properly applying them to life challenges can be difficult.

We provide the clinical services specifically tailored for these issues:

Graduate Student-Centered Counseling

Undergraduate Student-Centered Counseling

Grief/Loss Counseling

HIV/AIDS Counseling