Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Alcohol & Drug Counseling is essential for individuals who are unable to meet the personal, professional, and family responsibilities due to use and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. Active addiction to alcohol or drugs requires treatment in an alcohol and drug facility and is beyond the scope of my practice. However, the challenges of reducing use and abuse, working towards or maintaining sobriety, and creating a new lifestyle (not centered around alcohol and/or drugs) represents an important phase of the process. Below are areas where alcohol and drug counseling offered in my practice can be helpful:                        

  • Evaluating costs and risks associated with alcohol and other drug (AOD) usage.
  • Examining underlying issues (depression, anger, fear, anxiety, etc.) associated with AOD usage
  • Indentifying triggers to alcohol and drug use and abuse
  • Clarifying warning signs that indicate increased vulnerability to use or abuse                     
  • Examining the function of usage
  • Incorporating protective factors to drug and alcohol usage              
  • Utilizing a wellness approach to build a non-AOD centered lifestyle
  • Coordinating resources (12 step program, support groups, educational materials, etc.)                    
  • Understanding effects of AOD usage on loved ones
  • Taking steps towards repairing relationships


Alcohol and Drug Counseling is tailored to the unique difficulties associated with use and abuse. Contact us as counseling can help you build a life where alcohol and drugs are not in charge.