HIV/AIDS Counseling

Individuals who are HIV+ or have AIDS make up a growing population in our society. Improvements in medication and treatment provide encouraging directions for living with HIV and AIDS. However, many challenges and choices come with the diagnosis. The questions below describe challenges where HIV/AIDS counseling would be helpful:


  • How can I cope with tests that show reductions in my CD4 and T-cell counts? 
  • How do I cope with feelings of depression and anxiety about my health status?
  • I have been recently diagnosed and am scared of the stigma associated with being HIV+. Where should I begin?
  • My cocktail works but causes horrible side effects. What will happen if I change medications?
  • How do I go about pursuing relationships and sex while being HIV+?
  • How do I share with others about my health status?
  • How do I identify people who are safe to come out to about my HIV status?
  • How can I create and maintain a healthy lifestyle in support of my well-being?
  • How do I make the most of my doctor’s appointments and community resources?
  • How can I build relationships that are based on me and not based on the fact that I am HIV+?


HIV/AIDS Counseling is grounded in an approach focused on living with HIV and AIDS. It can help individuals manage the physical, emotional/psychological, spiritual, medical, and social challenges that come with this specific health status. You are more than your health status. Contact us to start HIV/AIDS counseling in support of you building and maintaining a fulfilling life and healthy lifestyle.