Educational Workshops


I believe in the importance of therapy to facilitate growth and change when problems are present. I also believe in the importance of prevention where education and learning can prevent problems before they arise. Below is a listing of sample workshops for prevention of psychological problems and enhancing life skills. 


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The Burnout-Resistant Graduate Student: Sidestepping Landmines and Successful Progression to Graduation

Taming the Shrews: Procrastination and Perfectionism in Graduate School

Finding Work-Life Balance: Keys to Successfully Managing Graduate School 


Healthy Relationship Workshops

  • Healthy Relationships 101: Identifying Relationship Wants, Needs, and Dealbreakers
  • The Intimacy Builder: Learning the 5 Categories and Methods to Strengthen Intimacy in Couples and Marriages
  • The Reflective Communicator: Creating a Common Language in Marriage and Couplehood
  • When Conflict Wounds: Skills, Rules, and Boundaries for Managing and Resolving Conflict in Relationships
  • Long Distance Relationships: Steps to Avoiding the Lonely Distance Relationship
  • The Pre-Marital Big Ten: How to Sidestep the Hidden Challenges of the 1st Year of Marriage
  • The Sexual Connection: Helping Sex Become a Relationship Strength
  • Sound Trust: Starting, Developing, and Maintaining Trust in Marriage and Couplehood
  • *Cross Cultural Relationships: Methods to Building a Common Relationship Culture
  • *Cross Class Relationships: Avoiding Relational Distances when Differences in Social Class are Present


Wellness Workshops

  • Wellness 101: Using the SPICES Model to Understand Holistic Wellness
  • Wellness 102: Applying the SPICES Model to Evaluate Presence and Importance of Wellness Dimensions
  • Wellness 103: Applying the SPICES Model to Increase Wellness Expressions in Daily Life
  • Combating Burnout: A Self-Care Approach for Caregivers and Helpers
  • The Hidden Power of Sleep: How to Prioritize Sleep in a Busy Life
  • Stress Management: Practical Tools for a Stressful Life
  • Time Management: What To Do When There is Not Enough Hours in the Day
  • Making Sense of Depression: What is it Really and How Can I Combat it?


Diversity-Affirmative Workshops

  • Understanding Race: An Introduction to Differences in Values, Attitudes, History, and Worldview
  • Coming Out I: Introduction to the Process, and Evaluating Readiness for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Individuals
  • Coming Out II: Preparations, Choices, and Challenges for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Individuals
  • Navigating US Culture: Phases of Cultural Adjustment for International Individuals
  • Cultural Privilege I: What is it and How Does it Work?
  • Cultural Privilege II: I Have Unearned Cultural Privilege. What Do I Do With it?
  • Hypermasculinity: Combating Cultural and Media-Based Conceptualizations of Manhood
  • *Cross Cultural Relationships: Methods to Building a Common Relationship Culture
  • *Cross Class Relationships: Avoiding Relational Distances when Differences in Social Class are Present


Corporate/Team Building 

  • Work Style Differences: What are they and how can we use them to our advantage?
  • Team Building I: Identifying Strengths, Needs, and Roles to Optimize Productivity
  • Team Building II: Identifying Weaknesses, Setbacks, and Roles that Reduce Productivity
  • Cross Cultural Workgroups: Bridging Difference Across Diverse Employees
  • Group Cohesion: Applying the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to Increase Group Teamwork  


*These presentations can be tailored more for relationship-oriented information or diversity-oriented information.


Contact us to request a workshop for yourself, your business, or a community group. Note that workshops are not limited to the topics above. Additionally, we can talk more about your goals for the workshop and how the information can be tailored for your specific audience.