Pre-Marital Counseling

Congratulations! You have found your life partner and have decided to make a deep commitment to your relationship. This is a very special time in your life, often filled with possibilities, potential, and dreams. Pre-marital counseling is designed to supplement the strengths of your relationship, helping you prepare for the transition into a fulfilling and healthy marriage. I provide a 6 session pre-marital counseling package which qualifies you for a discount on your marriage license in the state of GA. Below represents an outline of the sessions.


Session 1                     Orientation to Pre-Marital Counseling           

Introduction to Pre-Marital Counseling.

Establishing Goals for Pre-Marital Counseling

Gathering Relationship History


Session 2-3                  Healthy Relationship Practices                     

Five Love Languages Exercise

Reflective Communication Skills: Types, Levels and Accuracy

Negotiating your Healthy Relationship System


Session 4-5                  Managing Relationship Problems                

Combating the Big Ten: Preparing for Problems that Plague Newlyweds

Developing Healthy Conflict Management Style


Session 6                     Applying Pre-Marital Counseling                 

Review of Pre-Marital Counseling Gains and Skills

Long-Term Application of Pre-Marital Strategies


Pre-marital counseling can give you the tools to help you make a skilled transition into a healthy and happy marriage. Contact us to start pre-marital counseling towards helping your marital hopes and dreams come true.