Graduate Student-Centered Counseling

Graduate Student-Centered Counseling can help students successfully meet both the numerous and unique challenges that come with higher education. The demands on undergraduate and graduate students seem to grow higher and higher with each passing year. In addition to academic pressures and responsibilities, graduate and undergraduate students are pressed to make a multitude of relational, vocational, financial, and future-oriented choices on a regular basis. The questions below describe challenges where student-centered counseling would be helpful:


Category I:                  Academics

  • Am I qualified or smart enough to be in this program (Imposter Syndrome)?
  • Is it humanly possible to complete all of the reading/assignments in this program?
  • If I speak up in class, will my classmates think I know too much or too little?
  • How do I make friends when the graduate school environment feels so competitive?


Category II:                Relationships

  • Will my current relationship survive now that I have to work these hours?
  • Will I ever find someone to date now that I have to put in so many hours?
  • How do long distance relationships work?
  • I feel pressure to find a life partner and am not sure how to find the right person.


Category III:               Career/Vocational

  • If I complete my degree, will there even be a job available in my field?
  • How do I build good relationships with professors so they might be willing to write letters of recommendation for me?
  • What training, experience and/or research will make me competitive for jobs?
  • My family expects me to succeed. What if I don’t meet their expectations?


Category IV:               Financial

  • Will I earn an assistantship and will I be able to live off of this?
  • When will I finally feel financial independence?
  • How will I have a social life when money is so tight?
  • How do I manage the dread I feel about paying back student loans?


Now accepting United Healthcare Insurance (both mandatory and volunteer plans). Student-Centered Counseling is tailored to help students manage these unique challenges of graduate school. Contact us to start student-centered counseling to help your graduate school years become a success. Note that I accept Pearce and Pearce Insurance.