Identity Counseling

My doctoral dissertation was on holistic identity. This is a central clinical perspective that helps me learn about and understand each client I work with. This work helps to offer a framework of helping client’s define their own identity over time. I believe this work provides a map to the strengths each individual possesses as well as the types and areas for change that could be most meaningful. The defining and understanding of the identity dimensions listed below provide the context to come to know who we are: 


  • Personal Identity (physical and personality characteristics of the self)
  • Social Identity (where we fall in social and group categories)
  • Intragroup Identity (defining roles we take on in various contexts)
  • Intergroup Identity (the impact of group memberships on identity)
  • Human Identity (specific identity features based on being human beings)


Exploration & Awareness

Work in this area centers on seeking knowledge about who we are. Often times we know many things about ourselves but have not attempted to put it all together and label it as our identity. Counseling in this area helps to collect the data within meaningful categories and build a picture that captures who we are.


Implementation & Integration

Work in this area centers on putting knowledge into practice and testing the picture developed in the exploration and awareness phase. When moments requiring choices, decisions, reactions or actions arise, who truly shows up and what behaviors win out? Counseling in this area helps to sort out who we are, what parts have higher importance, what parts need tweaking, and other area that need to be added or further developed.


Identity Counseling can help you define who you are, what lives in your core and what is essential to your sense of self. This work is foundational to supporting your individual relationship with yourself and interpersonal and systemic relationships with others. Contact us to start counseling designed to know yourself and build your identity that can serve as a map to more fulfilling relationships and enhanced psychological well-being.