Court Mandated Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Education

 Purpose of Services

Individuals charged with or found guilty of alcohol and/or drug related charges are typically required to complete 10 or more hours of mandated counseling and education. We provide services that fulfill Athens Clarke County court requirements. Our services may fulfill requirements for other counties or states. However, requirements vary from court to court. Be sure to verify mandated expectations with the appropirate court officer.


Approach to Services

Abstinence based education has consistently been found to be ineffective in alcohol and drug counseling and education studies. In contrast, our services focus on a combination of three different areas. First, counseling and education has been created to help individuals make informed choices about alcohol and drugs, including accurate information about the mental, physical and psychological impact of alcohol and drugs. Second, counseling and education has been developed to help individuals accurately evaluate risk associated with alcohol and drug choices. This includes assessment of substance choices, substance amounts, setting, peer group involvement, and peer pressure. Third, counseling and education is designed for individuals to reduce risk associated with alcohol and drugs. Specific prevention strategies, when used properly, can minimize both personal harm and repeated legal problems.


Education and Information Provided in Services

During the process, participants will complete comprehensive assessments and receive individualized feedback. This combination of information and education allows participants to attain the necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills to make lower risk choices and significantly reduce the likelihood of future legal problems. Categories of learning include:

  • Quantity of Alcohol Usage
  • Frequency of Alcohol Usage
  • Amount Consumed (BAC Levels)
  • Gender Comparisons
  • Impact on Physical Health
  • Alcohol Spending
  • Potential Consequences
  • Feelings (physically and emotionally) connected to AOD usage
  • Thoughts and behaviors connected to AOD usage
  • Values exploration and clarification
  • Identification of health oriented behavioral goals
  • Steps to achieving health oriented behavioral goals
  • Awareness and implementation of prior to drinking protective strategies  
  • Awareness and implementation of peer pressure/reduced speed drinking protective strategies  
  • Awareness and implementation of reduced alcohol content protective strategies  
  • Awareness and implementation substitute activities protective strategies  
  • Risk reduction assessment skills
  • Application of event-based protective strategies
  • Prevention approach via application of education and strategies to higher risk AOD event
  • Creating a mindset where prevention and risk reduction is a consistent priority 


I look forward to the possibility of working together to put this court mandated requirement behind you. Contact us and we can get started immediately.