Relationship Counseling   

Relationship Counseling can be ideal for individuals navigating friendships, family connections (or disconnections), and beginning romantic relationships*. Successfully management of the many different types of relationships often requires excellent interpersonal skills, sound understanding of various personality types, and efficient time management. Otherwise, relationship problems can lead to anxiety, uncertainty, loss, and disappointment. The questions below are often indications that relationship counseling would be helpful:

*Different from couples counseling, relationship counseling is ideal for individuals that are ready for a relationship, beginning to date, or are at the early stages of a relationship.



  • How is the best way to make friends?
  • Where do I go to meet potential friends?
  • I have a number of acquaintances but very few friends. Is it possible to turn acquaintances to friends?
  • I have trouble keeping friends. What is the secret to maintaining friendships?
  • I wish I had more same sex friends. Is there a specific way to make same sex friends?
  • I wish I had more friends of the opposite sex. Is there a specific way to make opposite sex friends?
  • My friend and I do not make good roommates. Things are tense as we either are fighting or avoiding each other. Can we live together without destroying our friendship? 


Family Relationships

  • My parent(s) and I are always fighting. I know they love me but how do I keep them from driving me crazy?
  • I am still trying to get my parent(s) approval. How do I change this?
  • My parents are divorced and this has caused a strain in our family. How should I cope with this?
  • I wish I felt closer to my parent(s). How can I make our relationship better?
  • Member(s) of my family struggle with health concerns that require others to take care of them. How do I manage the emotional and financial burden of this despite loving my family?
  • I struggle with my relationship with my sibling(s). Can we find common ground?
  • Much of my family live so far away. Is it possible to be close despite the distance? 


Potential Romantic Relationships/Early Stages of Dating 

  • How do I figure out what I want in relationships?
  • Why do I keep picking the wrong person to date?
  • How can I stop being so nervous and shy on dates?
  • How do I find quality people to date?
  • At what point do I share more about myself with someone I am dating?
  • Why do I sabotage relationships when they start getting serious?
  • What are the rules to a successful long distance relationship?
  • Does online dating work? How would I make online dating work for me?
  • At what point is having sex too early and too late?
  • I am afraid if I say what I really feel the relationship will end. How I can get assurance that this will not happen?
  • What are the rules for dating multiple people at the same time?

Relationship counseling is designed to help you identify your relationship wants and needs, manage the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with maanging multiple types of relationships, and clarify your relationship goals and hopes. Contact us to start relationship counseling to improve your relationship satisfaction with friends, family, and potential romantic partners.