Undergraduate Student-Centered Couseling

The college life: away from parents, new friends, new place, and fun things to do in Athens, and Atlanta. The college years can be some of the most fun times of your life. However, the multiple demands on college students seem to increase with each passing year. College students are placed in an environment that is much more demanding and much less structured than high school.  Problems can surface in a number of different areas. The questions below describe challenges where student-centered counseling would be helpful:



 Category I:                  Academics

  • I did not have to study in high school-how do I develop study skills?
  • I attend classes of over 300 people. How do I pay attention and why should I go?
  • I have the HOPE scholarship. How do I manage the family & financial pressure to keep it?
  • I procrastinate all the time and then feel rushed to get things done. How can I stop doing this?


Category II:                Social/Relationships  

  • I get nervous talking to people I find attractive or want to date. How can I get over this?
  • How do I make friends and meet new people in college?
  • I think we are moving towards having sex. How do I know if I am ready?
  • Drinking is everywhere in college. Is it a problem if I vomit, blackout, or pass out occasionally?
  • I want people to like me so I don’t say what I think or feel. Will my friends like me if I speak up more?
  • Are Greek Life, student organizations, or student clubs something I want to be involved with?
  • I just got dumped. I am missing classes, can’t study and feel so unhappy. What should I do?


Category III:               Career/Vocational  

  • How do I know what major is right for me?
  • What experiences do I need in college to get a good job?
  • How will I go about finding a job?
  • How do I prepare a strong resume and develop good interviewing skills?
  • My family expects me to succeed. What if I don't meet their expectations?


Student-Centered Counseling is tailored to help students manage these unique challenges of college. Contact us to start student-centered counseling to help your college years become a success.