Marital Counseling  

You and your spouse have shared the vows, joined each others families, and are working to build a life together. However, the strain of this process has led many married couples to problems, distance, and divorce. Marriage Counseling that is tailored to the unique features of your marriage can be extremely helpful, especially as problems are starting to surface. Problems with communication, conflict, anger, neglect and loneliness threaten the future of a marriage. The questions below are often indications that marriage counseling would be beneficial:


  • I love my spouse but did not realize how hard marriage would be with work, the house, and the kids? Is our marriage strong enough to last a lifetime?
  • I struggle to put what I want and how I feel into words. How can I learn the right communication skills?
  • Why does managing household chores always seem imbalanced and a constant source of marital strain?      
  • Is it possible for my family and my in-laws to not drive me completely crazy?
  • Our achilles heel is money. For the good of our marriage, when is it right to spend and when is it right to save?
  • I am so tired of not feeling heard or understood. How can we improve marital listening skills?
  • We love each other but our backgrounds are so different. How do we find common ground?
  • Sometimes I feel so distant from my spouse. How can we get that feeling of closeness back?
  • Our sex drives are completely different and seem to be on opposing schedules. How can we bring them together?
  • We often have bad fights where issues get worse rather than better. Is this fixable?
  • I thought I got over the affair but I still feel so angry. How am I supposed to feel trust?      


Marriage Counseling can help to identify dysfunctional relationship patterns that contribute to these problems, uncover and heal wounds underneath these problems, construct healthy and functional relational behaviors, build communication and conflict management skills, and improve marital functioning while interrupting dysfunctional patterns. Contact us to start counseling to improve your marital skills and satisfaction.