Self-Esteem and Wellness Counseling


Self-Esteem is often defined as the things you engage in that contribute to a sense of pride, self-regard or overall helps someone feel good about themselves. Often a helpful area to begin when identity exploration and awareness counseling is happening or nearing completion, work in this area helps to build confidence and well-being by uncovering what choices, outlets, behaviors and contexts offer opportunities for improving how someone feels about themselves.


Wellness Counseling expands on Self-Esteem Counseling by focusing on defining and implementing regular practices that build and maintain a sense of holistic wellness. Accurate identification of these practices can be especially helpful to prevent dips in wellness when negative events occur. Additionally, work in this area can highlight your top practices that give you the most wellness in the most efficient ways.


Self-Esteem and Wellness Counseling can be especially fulfilling areas of change as you learn the practices, arenas and connections between self and behavior to help you feel good in your own skin. Contact us to start counseling designed to bolster how you feel about yourself in ways that are tailored to you and what is important to your identity.